Not sure what size share to get?!..... 

Here's an example of each share in the middle of the season when we have a lot of variety.  If you buy a small share and want more than your share at pick up you can purchase the difference.  The good thing about a large share if you have extra, is you can put a little bit at a time away for winter, either freezing or canning.  Green beans are easily frozen along with peppers and peas!  When you have the fresh vegetables in your kitchen you'll be excited to find new ways to use it.  Eggplant Parmesan, summer squash/zucchini ribbons, fresh tomato salsa with cilantro! 

Small Share $10 Example -

$ 3 bag of spinach

$ 2  - 1lb of cucumbers

$ 3 - 1llb of tomato

$1.5 bunch of scallions

$1.5 head of lettuce

Regular Share $20 Example -

$3 (2 large heads of lettuce)

$4 bag of spinach

$2 lb Onions

$3lb Tomatoes

$3 lb Peppers

$3 bunch of Kale

$2 - 1lb Cucumbers

We are a small family owned and operated business....... that strives to provide the community with fresh, local, nutrient dense food at an affordable price.  We believe food is medicine, and also a catalyst to create a strong, healthy community.  The CSA farm share program was started in the spring of 2012 as a better way to market our product.  We've been growing vegetables for over 25 years and thought we could expand and have our food reach more people with a CSA. 

This program allows you to know and shake the hand that grows your food.  There are many benefits to produce that come from just a few miles away verses across the country.  The closer you eat vegetables to their harvest date the more nutrients you receive from them.  (Which is the whole point right?!  They taste much better too!)  Good food comes from good soil.  Soil is one of our most valuable assets, so we treat it that way with the use of cover crops, crop rotation, organic compost/manure, instead of synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides.  Working the land this way leaves it fertile for generations to come.  We are not certified organic, but have been working the soil this way since 1987.  We offer a large array of vegetables from spinach, lettuce, peppers to onions, squash, tomatoes, herbs, kohlrabi, and lots more! 

REMINDER - Our product is highly dependable on the weather.  The weather continues to become more unpredictable which many farmers in Vermont struggle with.  The last five years we have had some very dry summers along with very wet summers, crops grow accordingly.  We hope that members understand the risk we take.  Also, that we have become very use to grocery stores and the convenience of buying a pineapple whenever we so please.  This has skewed our view of seasonal food.  Do not come to the first pick up expecting corn and tomatoes.


Pick up is on the farm for locals!

We also drop off to the following locations (day of the week to still be determined).

Prices are different for drop off locations - please inquire through email!

Londonderry and Mtn Area -

JJ Hapgood Store

Arlington -

Battenkill Valley Health Center

Manchester -

R.K. Miles

Manchester Gym

**If you are in the following areas and would like a drop off near you please contact us you just need to have atleast 5 people signed up to create a drop off location!**

Make A Payment

Small Share

Heads up - There is a three dollar service fee.  We apologize.  You can also mail a check if you'd prefer.  Thank you.

 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a........ farm share program that allows consumers direct access to the source of their food, the grower.  Members buy into the program in the spring about March when the seeds are started in the greenhouses.  Members who feel burdened by the upfront cost are welcome to set up a payment plan.  We know it's not common or easy to pay for a whole season's worth of vegetables up front. Harvest begins in May with lots of spring greens, which is when our stand will open but CSA starts the begging of June when we have a larger variety.  Members pick up once a week, Friday - Monday starting in June and ending in October at our self-serve farmstand. Here they have free choice of that week's harvest.  Please keep in mind our work is very dependent on the weather, therefore start dates and end dates can be tentative.   

Growing for you

Pickering's Greenhouse

Standard Share

What we grow......

Head Lettuce
Onion, bulb
Onion, scallion
Asian Greens
Squash, Summer
Squash, Winter

Fresh Herbs -





2018 Share Options

This season we made some changes to our shares.  They are a little bit smaller, and they'll last a little bit longer!

Shares are 22 Weeks this season starting in May and go through October.

Small Share ($10 a week) -  $220

Regular Share ($20 a week) $440


Flower Bouquet Share - $10 a week for 10 weeks


Payment plans are available!

These prices and share sizes are for on farm pick up.  CSA is setup like a self serve farmstand, members hand select what they buy each week.  Pick up is on weekends.